Boston Burningman Mailing List Guide

Feb 1 2004: current mailing list and regional event info can be found at


For factual questions about Burningman itself, you'll be much better off checking out the official Burningman website and the "E-Playa" (an enormous Burningman messageboard) than asking us. The sites are also really cool.


Before responding to a posting, always consider whether your response will be of interest to everyone on the list, or just to the person you're responding to. This should help you decide whether to post the message, or just send private e-mail. One-line answers like, "Yes, I'd like to come to your party" should almost always be e-mail

The phrase, "Does anybody object?" seems to work much better than "Does everybody agree?"

The answer to the question, "Why doesn't somebody do X?" is usually "Go right ahead."

Only quote the relevant parts of a message you're replying to. A good rule of thumb is that your your own writing should never be less than a third of your post.

First posted September 29, 1998
Revised and HTMLified July 24, 2000