The Newlyweds

Postmarked February 14, 2000   (From Somerville, MA)

Photography: Kimberly Bradshaw(?)
Post-Production: Julia C. Tenney

Ok, I have proven I can entirely lame out on sending Trent Reznor a birthday card, although I figure I have leeway considering how delayed "The Fragile" was. If you really want another NIN card, send me your address, and if enough people I either know and/or are willing to cover costs want a Birthday Card, I might actually unlame in time for it. Maybe.

But where the lameness truly saddens me is missing the dates 9/9/99, 11/19/1999 (the last all odd-digit date till Y3K), 02/02/2000 (groundhog day AND the first all-even digit day since Y1K).


However, I *did* have the "Wedding" I'd planned on 9/9/99, details can currently be found at And, when lameness almost sucked away this postcard too, I had the facilities to cope with a last minute fix, which, it turns out, some people like better than last year's card.

Even if it's a bunch of free Maxcards and the like, I will be sending out greets for Leap Day. Fear not. or Fear a lot.


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