Mardi Gras 1996

Postmarked February 20, 1996 New Orleans, LA

Photographer & Concept: Julia C. Tenney

The preliminary shoot was done to finish off the Valentine's 96 postcard. I then left the beads on the otherwise unused porch until I developed the film. A few days later, I had to rearrange them (shake snow off) and redo the shoot. Earlier photos showed the ashes of that postcard's heart box in the edges of the frame.

While the pictured beads do apparently originate from New Orleans, I procured them over several years' worth of Mardi Gras Parties held on Tuesdays of the annual "Pennsic War".

I assembled and mailed these postcards from Athens, GA, while staying with Robin Colleen Moore, with the ever dimming hope that I might keep driving and experience Fat Tuesday myself.

The day after Valentine's Day, Robin and I drove into Atlanta to meet up with a couple other "NINnies".

One invited me to join him and his coworkers for a last minute roadtrip to Mardi Gras.

I later redid this shoot with the large quantity of beads I brought directly from Mardi Gras.

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Updated: January 1997