Nine Inch Nails Is Da Sh**

Trent Reznor's 31st Birthday

Postmarked May 17, 1996 Trent, SD

Mojo: 1989 - October 6, 1996

Photographer & Baker: Robin Colleen Moore
Concept: Robin Colleen Moore & Julia C. Tenney

Appearances are deceptive. It only looks like crap. They're "Kitty Litter Cookies". Here's the recipe.

This lovely photo is the work of The Mad Photographer, Robin, who is also a legendary baker goddess of Infinite Halo decided to make the most of both of her renowned abilities, as well as her oft-posted about cat, Mojo, who was an honorary "NINnie" himself.

The idea sprang from some silliness at Robin's house, somewhere near the actual litterbox, NOT the pristine new one pictured above. We began discussing Trent's notoriously scatological sense of humor, and, um, it jus' happened, I swear. If we weren't already, this makes Robin and I officially NIN-com-POOPs.

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Updated: October 1996