(N)IN The Flesh

Anniversary of the First (Now Annual) NinCon

Postmarked July 15, 1996 Cleveland, OH

Photographer & Concept: Julia C. Tenney

With the help of everyone at NinCon 96, held in New Orleans, I took this crappy photo.

Aside from myself, the only two attendees who are not pictured are Lonny Zone and Shamali Pal, our reporter from the Times-Picayune. Their photos apparently weren't much better. We were in the restricted 4 floor elevator bank of the Grand Hyatt while the Ninnies were across an atrium and on the 3rd floor. There was insufficient light and we were too far for our flashes to be terribly effective. It'd be nice if everyone was recognizable. At least you can tell what they're spelling out.

NinCon 96 was held about six weeks earlier than NinCon 95. I was able to assemble this postcard in time for an Anniversary Postmark of the first event. Thus far, the only major complaints I've had with the Postal Service was for this postcard. It arrived weeks later with multiple, sloppy postmarks.

I may try again to do this shoot at a future NinCon. If it ever works, I might just get posters printed.

NinCon 97 is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago.

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