The Perfect Drug?

Happy 33 1/3rd Birthday Trent

Postmarked August 17, 1998   From Deal, NJ

Concept: Julia C. Tenney
Photography: Robin C. Moore, Julia C. Tenney
Props: Dr. Vicka Corey

Originally mailed to be postmarked May 17, 1998 from Halo, KY, which turns out not to have its own postmark anymore. I wrote explicit instruction for them to call me if there was a problem, or to go ahead and postmark them May 17 from a different town name. Yet they still returned all the postcards to me.


So, Plan B was to send them all back out again in time for Trent's 33 and 1/3rd Birthday instead... that being, August 17, 1998.

Um, now that I recalculate it, more like September 17th...


In an effort to find an appropriate postmark still in existence, I got, um, a little cranky, and finally decided everyone could just DEAL with a late postcard. It also seemed to reflect the subject matter. My limited exposure to Prozac users suggests that such folks are usually much better off if they just learn how to DEAL.

A common thread on has been "Why NIN is better than Prozac". By the time I chose "The Perfect Drug" as the theme, there was a new Viagra thread. I didn't agonize much over which one to use.

First of all, I knew someone who could get me enough Prozac for free. Viagra is profoundly expensive. Second, Trent should have at least a few more decades in him before Viagra becomes his drug of choice.

Happy belated birthday Trent!

Better late than never... (those of us awaiting the next record and tour find ourselves saying that a lot, but if we can DEAL, so can you).


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