The Ninnies Take Manhattan


Postmarked (Friday) September 13th, 1996 from Cut and Shoot, TX

Photographer & Concept: Julia C. Tenney

The legs are, from left to right; Honeybee, Halo 8, Tic-Tac, Dave, Parm, Yokes, and Effigy.

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Cut-and-Shoot was chosen to refer to the film director who hosted this shoot, it also commemorated September 13 as the 25th birthday of one of the photographers who subscribe to Infinite Halo.

It turned out the postmark was rather pale. There were second and third cancellations from Houston. It seems that the Infinite Halo "logo", a cartoon of Trent as the Magician from a Tarot deck, positioned in the lower left corner of the card, was mistaken for postage.

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Updated: October 1996