Ramen Coke

Happy Friday The 13th

Postmarked December 13, 1996 From Hurt, VA

Photographer: Patrick "KH" Woodruff
Concept: Daniel P. Bronson and Julia C. Tenney

The original intention of the shoot was to present a formally set dinner table, using whatever expensive (looking) tableware we could find - with the main course being a "casserole" of (Top) ramen, topped with the NIN logo carefully spelled out in (creamy Jif) peanut butter.

I'll save those photos for the inevitable moment when I don't have enough time to do a new photo shoot. Once again, a last minute inspiration won us over.

Dan had been making noises about "Rum & Coke" when we were out carousing the night before. Patrick and I indulged him when we realized we both had a good amount of unexposed film left in our cameras.

The result has universally produced chuckles. More so than the Ramen and Peanut Butter Photos. Perhaps that is something only truly appreciated by the devout NIN fans.

Maybe I'll send out the R&PB postcard on the birthday of Chris Wiberg, the chief instigator of the Great Peanut Butter Controversy. But then again, he's a crunchy.

Disclaimer: This is meant to be a pun. I do not advocate the use of a substance as dangerous (or as stupid) as cocaine.

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