Two of Cups: Love

Postmarked February 14, 2002   (From Somerville, MA)

    Venus in Cancer. (Water in Water.) Love. Harmony. Joy. Affection. Attachment. Friendship. Renewed Creativity and Intuition. Spring. Awwww, you're being so cute!
    In this case, Hot Raging Monkey Love.

    Well, I had the monkeys.
    The cups, which have goldplated cocktail monkeys on them, were given (by me) as wedding goblets. The Legend of the Monkeys has been making the rounds the past few years, usually after someone wonders aloud why I have 437563475 plastic monkeys in the base of my lamp. (Really, not all of my minor arcana cards are going to feature plastic cocktail accessories, although... I could use those paper parasols for disks... and if I used swizzle sticks for the wands, er... Nooo...) Using monkeys, instead of fishes or dolphins adds an element of Loki or Hanuman into the meaning of the card.
    Love is tricky and capricious. It, um, monkeys around with your heart.
    The heart image was originally an agate charm, given to me at a neighbor's party by her Brazilian houseguest, who brought trinkets for folks he found particularly entertaining. (I probably told him the Monkey Goblet story.)
    After shattering people's illusions last year about what The Lovers really signify, I need to reassure y'all that there is still a card dedicated to "Wuv. Tuh-woo Wuv" in the deck. In fact, there is a whole suit. (Actually, Cups covers sensuality, intoxication, intuition. Passion in its various forms turns up all over the place, arguably even Swords.)

    This is also my first time EVER having a Valentine. Better get going on the Cups, while I have what may be (comparatively) fleeting moments of decreased bitterness. The irony is still intact but I'll spare you the details of my bizarre love polyhedrons here -- where potential employers, or worse, my pentacostal relatives, could use such against me forever.
    I have been publicly cute with someone lately. The me of a year ago would be making puking noises by now. (Heck, I still am, but people think it's cute when we make puking noises together.)
    I debated doing another cartoon, of two characters being so cute in the foreground that characters in the background mutter "hand me the barf bag, I'm going to be ill" or "Insulin. Stat!" and other fun commentaries. But those are the swords speaking, or perhaps the less auspicious cups. Not this card. If such turns up in a reading along with the Two of Cups, it means that someone is in love, and it makes someone else want to puke their guts out.

image of tarot postcard

Photography & Design: Julia C. Tenney

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