Three of Cups: Abundance

Postmarked February 14, 2003   (From Somerville, MA)

    Mercury in Cancer. (Air in Water. Carbonation?) Abundance. Joy. Love. Emotionally or creatively inspiring 3-way or 3 person relationships. (The classic Waite image is of Three Women in a toast.) Threesomes, sexual and otherwise. Affection. Willingness/comfort in expressing said love to one another.

    As predicted, I find myself single on VDay again. But, a lot less bitter. I am more comfortable with myself in some ways. I get a lot of love from my friendships, when I allow myself to. I also spent last year working through Simple Abundance, a cheesarific girlie girl book, well worth it if you can find a tolerable middle ground.

    Background of sea and sky, with pomegranates (pomegranate shaped cups in some decks). Pomegranates indicate luxurious hospitality, but also the awareness and tolerance of seasons/SAD/mood swings. Take the bad with the good. The fertilizer with the roses.
    My cubicle is overwhelmed with my sticky-note doodles. One such doodle was inspired, abstractly, by a significant threesome-ish relationship in the past year. It felt timely and appropriate to work this into the design.

image of tarot postcard

Design: Julia C. Tenney

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