Five of Cups: Disappointment

Postmarked May 17, 2003   (From Somerville, MA)

    Mars in Scorpio. (Fire in Water. Extinguished.) Loss. Sorrow. Regret. Emotional Disappointment. Focusing on the Void. [Insert nearly any NIN lyrics of your choice here.]
    Indications: Potentially destructive neglect of what is not yet lost. Self-fulfilling prophecies. Try to appreciate what remains. You can survive this.

    The Crowley/Thoth iconography is a pentagram (downward-pointing pentacle). The Rider-Waite iconography shows a figure mourning three spilled cups, while turning its back on two remaining full/abundant cups. I tried to incorporate both.
    The Thoth cups all tend to have looping stems of Water Lilies (Lotuses?) In lieu of these, I've used something from my stash of office doodles, which tend to be abstract/Gestalt of my emotional reactions.

    (I am happy to report, that when sorting through the whole stack, very few were explicitly sad enough to be appropriate for this card. Quite a few sexy ones remain for whenever I get around to the 4, 6 and 7 of cups. So, heck, maybe I'll actually get those cards done this year... )
image of tarot postcard

Design: Julia C. Tenney

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