Four of Swords: Truce

Postmarked February 14, 2004  

    Jupiter in Libra. (Fire/Water in Air.) Truce. As distinguished from Peace. A time to recover between stressful circumstances. But it's not over yet. Protect yourself from adopting extra stress. Negotiate for peace, prepare for further battle.
    Also, balancing the four alchemical elements (humors) to regain control of one's life and allow oneself to bloom. "let your rose unfold."

    This monkey year began with a reprise of events that in part inspired my Three of Swords, which called the family together once again. Only we're older and more cynical now, or at least more often at odds with each other, but without the enthusiasm of the rivalries of our youth. Now Mom is a patient as much as Dad. Due to the lack of resolution, but the sense that may be imminent, I was afraid to choose a card that suggested there had been one.
    Valentine's day or not, happy lovey cups were Right Out.
    This image is derived from the Thoth standard. (Waite standard is a knight's tomb with swords.) The air/sword background is conductive: crystalline, electric. Here expressed with a heavily mutated image of a geode, and another similarly wonked image of lightning. The rose petals are plates from my mother's kitchen, a strong impression of my childhood home. The knife is the Cutco trimmer she gave me when I went out on my own, the tip of which broke off a week before creating this image, aiding in my selection of a card for this year.

image of tarot postcard

Design: Julia C. Tenney

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