Two of Wands: Dominion

Postmarked May 17, 2004  

    Mars in Aries (Fire in Fire, Burn) Dominion.

    This image is derived from the Thoth standard. (Waite standard is a ruler on a hill.) Two crossed Dorjes (tibetan wands). When researching dorjes, I discovered that the Thoth illustrations are inaccurate, depicting the dorje as having an end that looks a lot like a blade. (This more resembles a ritual dagger from the same region, or religion, and kept reminding me of The Golden Child, anyway... )
    Turns out the double dorjes can be a single ritual entity, which looks classically heraldic. I debated trying to make the dorje/logo into flags on 2 poles at the top of a hill. Even if I had the time, that muddies the directness of the card. Instead, the fire is in 2 columns.

    My original take on the card was War, Warriors, and, since there was an emphasis on the phallic nature of the wands, "Two Guys Waving Their Dicks Around". Power struggles between two forces, both too egotistical to back down, even when they should. etc.
    Researching Dorjes led to other, less cynical interpretations of the card. Mastery (primarily of the self). Free will. And the harmony and good health that comes from living freely. The cynicism is the reminder to take responsbility for one's actions now. And make sure we're not sabotaging our future with power-mongering attitudes. Don't be one of those "Two Guys". Use your current powers for good.
    nin-relevance? er, Trent is a legendary control freak. And, the card is very fiery and male/yang, and, er, likely to break stuff on stage.
    On a more personal level, there've been lot of power struggles in my life lately.
    A card celebrating freedom is also timely. Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage as of May 17, 2004. (Although, I still can't legally marry myself... )

image of tarot postcard

Design: Julia C. Tenney

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