Ten of Swords: Ruin(er)

Postmarked May 17, 2005  

    Sun and Moon in Gemini. Fear of insanity/madness. Broken heart. Reason disconnects from reality. Excessive drama (or inability to cope) worsening already difficult circumstances. Martyrdom.
    Iconography/color based on the Book of Thoth tarot. Source/reference images include tiny plastic (cocktail) sword, one of the railroad spikes from my first Trent Birthday Card, stock image of a geode, and a detail from "The Maze" by William Kurelek.
    Although I did use cocktail swords for my first tarot card, in this case they reference Kingdom of Loathing, which I've been playing excessively for the past few months. At least in part to distract myself from "losing my mind" due to some heartbreaking estrangements.
    Per NIN, there was the arguably minor heartbreak of not getting tickets for either local show of the current tour, which sold out within minutes. The card was nearly complete by the day of the first show, when The Mad Photographer and I managed to accidentally attend the sound check, and meet Trent. (I just said "hello" and "thank you". I didn't mention the big 4-0. I didn't ask his opinion about these postcards. I didn't even ask for an autograph.)
    This ultimately led to my first scalper transaction, which in turn led to being added to the guestlist to the next show. Suddenly a downer card seemed inappropriate.
    Until I heard about the lawsuit. (Which has been going on for a while, I just wasn't paying attention.) Trent spent his 40th birthday in court.
    That had to suck.
image of tarot postcard

Design: Julia C. Tenney

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