Five of Disks: Fret

Postmarked May 17, 2006  

    Mercury in Taurus. Worry. Anxiety. Threat to Security. Material concerns.
        Color and layout based on the Book of Thoth tarot.
        Rider-Waite-based cards tend to portray this card as a stained glass window in winter, hence the ornateness of the disks here.
        Source/reference images include a heavily filtered AP photo of a New England road broken by flooding in 2006, and my painstaking reproduction, from memory, of the decorative back of a (bronze age?) Japanese Mirror that I cannot find anywhere online (except for jpeg of my previous attempt to reproduce the design).
        I've been enthralled with this mirror/mandala pattern since I first encountered it in college. The card is renamed "fret", a synonym for worry, because it can also refer to the geometric pattern of the mirror/mandala, (as well as being a part of a guitar, since this card is technically for "Trentmas").
        Disks are usually represented by a more earth image, rather than water. But, my big worry this week was the flooding. Although, the image is of wet earth and concrete, sorta.
        Per NIN... I don't actively keep up with Trent these days (I don't even have an address where I can send his card). But, he is a taurus, and, his art is arguably ruled in part by mercury.

image of tarot postcard

Design: Julia C. Tenney

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