Eight of Wands: Swiftness

Postmarked May 17, 2007  

    Mercury in Sagittarius. Swiftness. Speed. Light Speed. Energy. Urgent Message. Communication. (Internet/email.)

    Mercury was the fleet footed messenger. Sagittarius the archer. Put them together on a project when you need it delivered fast. Is there something you need to say or do, say, yesterday? This is your card.
    This is one of the airy-est of the Wands. When breaking down the suits into elementals, air is typically swords, and fire is wands. One school transposes them. This card may be their most compelling argument. Even though in my version, the wands are *actually* *flames*, this card is still rather airy.
    Image references the Thoth standard. (Although a Rider-Waite fan suggested this could be the side view of that traditional depiction). The rainbow symbolizes speed of light (and probably foofy stuff about all the chakra/kabbalah colors being in play). The crystals symbolize mechanisms of fast communication. I used an image of Herkimer Diamond (Quartz), since I grew up near Herkimer. I debated trying to use existing (if obsolete) crystal technology, along with the Sci-Fi technology of Dilithium crystals in Star Trek and the ancient crystals in Star Gate, but, they have no consistent iconography. They would've confused people. However, this card is all about getting the point across as quickly as possible.
    "How does this relate to Trent Reznor?" I hear you cry. Er, the 8-pointed red star, a symbol for chaos, was also used in an official NIN logo (around when they toured with Bowie). These wands are my ancient and venerable railroad spikes, which, through the magic of photoshop, have become pure fire.
    The recent record (Year Zero) was recorded with unusual Swiftness (for Trent) and has an urgent Message (i.e., it's a Concept Record). The innovative marketing included releasing bits and pieces of the record in the fastest way possible, as "unauthorized" leaks of MP3s. (This all ties in with the Concept as well.)
    The sky background includes rubberstamped bits from Year Zero images.

eight of wands - swiftness

Design: Julia C. Tenney

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