Two of Disks: Change

22 September 2007  

    Jupiter in Capricorn. Change. Specifically, cycles of nature. Balance. Duality. Tao.

    Designed in conjunction with 3 Artists 1 Stone. The event took place on the Autumnal Equinox, which seemed appropriate to this card.
    Imagery includes photos of the Bellagio koi pond, featuring transparent, water-filled spheres, almost like a koi habitrail. (The shape is why I chose that image for this card.) Pentacle images from apples that were in season why I designed the card (probably Macoun). Snake image as in original Thoth deck. "Japanese Mirror" as from my previous disks.
    Serpent and apples on the same card inevitably brings to mind the story of the expulsion from paradise. This version of The Two of Disks in a reading would imply that temptation/free will/quest for knowledge is a necessarily part of the cycles of nature. Things change. It's not always clear which option is best.

three of disks - work

Design: Julia C. Tenney

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