Seven of Disks: Unfulfilled
      Postmarked May 17, 2008     Design by Julia C. Tenney

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seven of disks - unfulfilled

Saturn in Taurus. Success Unfulfilled or Unfulfilling Success. Failure. Material Risk. Investment still in progress. Unvested stock options. Chickens before they've hatched. Ghosts of chances. Be careful what you wish for.

I had hoped to churn out my version of The Hermit, or Death, both sufficiently "goth" or "emo" cards for NIN and current events in my life. But I have such mentally well-formed visions for both cards that I couldn't bring myself to make a placeholder when I was unable to figure out Mac-friendly 3D Modeling freeware. A single card reading at gave a result that seemed snarkily topical. When trying to envision a different/placeholder Hermit, I kept seeing Athena in Mourning, which felt even more appropriate to this card. My choice was made!

Saturn is the planet of inevitable melancholy. There's no avoiding Saturn. It just is. The Thoth Tarot renamed this card "Failure". However, various interpretations suggest something more along of the waiting period between investment and results... or... and here's the "fail" part, achieving one's declared goals only to realize they weren't what one truly wanted, or being near to completion, but already having that sinking feeling, i.e.: every other PhD/JD I know.

Sunset and flower images from my personal photo library. Athena and planet image from public domain. Disk design is my own, from memory of a Japanese Mirror.

Updated: May 2008