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September: Orange with Flowers

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Orange with Flowers Egg
orange/light red/green/blue

This was my first try at having no *white* on the egg. I predipped the egg in the orange first. It looked suspiciously like the brown egg in the box.

(I still have more than a dozen eggs from an eggshell-harvesting brunch in April. Since then I've found organic white eggs, but I must work my way through the existing shells first. By the time I'm finished with these first 30 or so eggs, I'll be a pro).

In this egg, the green seems a bit grassier. Different eggs take dyes differently. This is especially noticable with the lighter colors, and the green was all over the board, as you'll see in the next egg.

Sun-damaged at WAP 2002
Photos & Batik by Julia

Updated: December 2000