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September: Crosshatching Madness

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Crosshatching Madness Egg
yellow/orange/light red/green/aquamarine/light blue/dark red

This egg was directly inspired by Hacksaw's comment about how he liked the intricacies of the crosshatching. Had I ever just crosshatched the entire egg?

In this egg, I tried for the classic 8 pointed star pattern that is usually your first design. Only I did it twice. The first is in orange/light red/light blue. The second is 90 degrees offset in yellow/green/aquamarine.

Since this egg was already iNsAnE, and nearly entirely covered in wax, I took the risk. I dropped it in the red dye for a long time. It actually come out to be pretty much the dark red I coveted from class. I suspect that too much out of order dying can eventually dull up the colors. However, I wouldn't mind the dark red being a little darker. Dyes aren't hard to replace.

Sun-damaged at WAP 2002
Photos & Batik by Julia

Updated: December 2000