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November: Winged Heart

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Winged Heart
yellow/orange/light red/dark red

Since the holidaze looms, I am now thinking in terms of specific people I need to get gifts for. There are a lot of X-ians in my family. I figured the winged heart could be The Holy Spirit or something.

I meant to do more colors. The red dye took so well and made the egg seem less undecorated than I thought it was. I should know better, but it's still hard to limit the number of colors on the eggs.

Since September, a lot of the dyes had gotten moldy. I scooped some out with a spoon and nuked the jar as advised on another egg site, but often I only succeeding removing the mold when it stuck to the dipped egg. The dyes still work well, but I begin to see why you should replace the dye colors at least annually.

Gift to Bob T., 2000

Photos & Batik by Julia

Updated: November 2000