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Green Petals

I was looking at one of the designs on the egg kit box (a good deal for a kistka, beeswax, a decent selection of dyes, and wire egg dipper) that had a diagonal design and realized I hadn't tried that yet. And since I was in petals and crosshatching mode as well, it ended up with a bit of all of them.

I didn't get past yellow on this egg for a while. Eggs 11-20 were done concurrently. Near the end of that batch, I realized I wanted more green, even though my green dye had deterioriated on me.

YAY! I finished all the March Eggs. 43 finished eggs, not including 2 shells that broke/stuck during the wait, one toaster oven accident and Laura's 3 works in progress.

Now to host another eggshell harvesting brunch. This time, all organic!

Sun-damaged at WAP 2002
Photos & Batik by Julia

Updated: March 2002