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2001: Greek Vase

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Greek Vase
dark red 01/black 01

I did eventually have an organic eggshell brunch in early 2001. However, in Eastern Massachusetts, an ancient, annoying "Brown eggs are local" ad campaign made it nigh impossible to find organic white eggs except Easter Week, so the little hippy kids can use their earth-friendly variant of PAAZ or some such. But I'm not bitter...

My previous experiments with brown eggs reminded me of my semesters and summer studying Greek art. Using just black, and perhaps a red or brown middle color, would get you the colors of most Greek Vase designs.

I would say that the figural scene is of the callisti apple, except it should be a golden apple. The Discordians never let me live that down. The octopus is based on more Minoan designs. I've a special place in my heart for Red Squid.

Photos & Batik by Julia

Sold at 6th Annual Somerville Museum Arts & Crafts Sale (to Classicists, yay)

Updated: March 2002