Burning Man 1999

Clown Loaches Clown Loaches Clown Loaches Clown Loaches

I was camped at Supersnail. (This makes me a super-genius snail, heh)
My fantastic wonderful camp was: Julian, Jackie, Llyra, Randal, Sebbo, Charlotte, Andrew and Me.

Here's my personal tour of that tactile thing I love so much. I want to build my own.

A number of our post-burn 98 brainstorm theme camp ideas were realized by others this year.

I found Liberty, the Cambridge coffeehouse from the days of yore, in Cafe Temps Perdu.

When I am more in the mood, maybe I'll explain the sense of spiritualism and deeper things felt on the playa. But, you've either heard it before, or won't manage to listen until you're there yourself.

Next year:
I need to practice this more.

Sebbo has info at this link as well...
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