1998 Burn Report


Theme Camps, Art Projects And Such
Sebbo, Charlotte and I came back from our first Burning Man (1998) excited for all the great theme camps we'd like to see. And it was sometime during the flight back, after we devised most of this list, that we found our theme camp hand-out and realized a fair number of similar theme camps already exist.
Therefore, under the theory that people are looking at this page:
If you already have something a lot like the theme camp listed below, or want to claim one of the theme camp ideas (we obviously can't do all of them ourselves), and are looking for more folks to help out, give us a link to offer to interested parties.
Sebbo wrote up most of the list. I think we had more ideas, and he's scrupulously edited them out since our post-Burn Euphoria. I added my comments in a different color. Enjoy. Suggestions welcomed.


Type-A camp
Looks like, one way or another, trash management will be a major theme of BM'99. Might as well make it official, kiddies, and have a camp devoted to berating the slackers.
Playa-with-drink Camp
Variation on Type A. Just-before-dusk (Gin & Tonics) or just-after-dawn (Mimosas) party strolls along the playa, where all participants are encouraged to pick up whatever trash has landed on the playa before any storms embed it into the clay. In other words, make leaving-no-trace a social event.
Paper Doll Man
Dress up the Man in a variety of adorable outfits. An approach like those cutouts you stick your head through.
Theme-of-the-day Camp (a.k.a. Akbar & Jeff's [themeOTD] Hut)
So many neat ideas... We want to do all of them! To do well, this would require two or three fuckloads of movable decor. Well, no idea's perfect. Which actual themes-of-the-day is of course entirely up in the air.
Wheel Of Themes
I'm envisioning the hapless vict, er, guest approaching the Wheel, giving that sucker a spin, and recieving, for example

Removeble wheel-wedges would mean that when the specialist was around, you could have time-cosuming options like hennaing or massages on the wheel, and then replace them when there are fewer wheelers on duty.

The Hitting People With Megaphones On The Head Camp
'Cos someone sure as hell needs to do it.
Parasol Ornamenting Camp
If you could find a cheap source for plain-paper parasols (or even start trashpicking functional umbrellas), this would be nifty
Astronomy Camp
This could also be a part of Black Rock Tech
Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream
This isn't so much a theme camp as just a damn good idea....price and technology permitting. (refer to www.baitcon.org for more details about liquid nitrogen ice cream).
The Discordian Clock/ Calendar
Read Larry Harvey on the topic of Ritual Time lately? BM doesn't operate on mundane time, so why should it keep mundane time? Why not arrange to meet your friends under the Discordian Clock on Sneezday, at a quarter past paisley?
Black Rock Tech
to compliment the more humanities-oriented classes at BR City College. Courses could include artbike building and shade-structure design. Not to mention Astronomy or Playa Geology.
Human Powered Camp
Sick of all those noisy, stinky generators? We are. Apparently there are already solar-powered camps, but we didn't happen to notice them in '98.
Folkie Camp
Classical Camp
Ballroom Camp
Sick of techno? Fight back.
Boardgame Camp
Anything from palm reading to gyromancy to the Myers-Briggs test. World's largest Magic 8-ball, anyone?
A Lighthouse
After '98's nautical disaster at the Temple of Rudra, some sort of Playa beacon would seem to be called for.
Is playa dust clay? Could it be fired? It's certainly not hard to find...
The Monastic Retreat
Black Rock City is interesting...sometimes relentlessly so. Even supposed "chill-outs" like Bianca's and Temps Perdu can grate maddenningly on frayed mid-day nerves. An enclave with shade and a vow of silence might be a blessed relief.
a Pool Hall
Playa-scale Croquet
Use beach balls for balls, and waist-high wickets. For mallets, just punch the damn things. Sends will probalby require two people. (The SCA's Pennsic Wars used to have a cross-country, tag-team, freestyle croquet. "Excuse me Your Excellency! Please stand still! You're a Wicket!!!")
A filtered pool
Dream on.
Mud Castle Building
A Dontease Show
Hey--naked people are a dime a dozen out there. "Put it on, baby! Put it all on!"
I know someone was doing 'em last year, but you can't have too many.
Playa Chess
I think Julia said it's called Royal Chess. White bodypaint versus black bodypaint.
Assassin's guild HQ
From what I've heard of Assassination, it would adapt well to BRC.
Body paint fashion show
finally uploaded april 1999

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