The Windfalls

Welcome to The Shire of Coppertree's Online Version of Our Popular Newsletter.

At the moment, we have only archived some recent issues, and if you think we're going to bother to archive all the previous issues, well... it'll require some hefty bribery on your part. (If you reprint stuff from our old issues in your newsletter, and it gets uploaded, DO send us the URL).

Newcomers to the SCA should be forewarned that our Newsletter is to the SCA pretty much what the magazine SPY is to the rest of the world. It is irreverent and full of inside jokes. This is why it's so popular. And also why it isn't the fairest introduction to the SCA. Please keep that in mind when you read it.

Volume IV Issue #6 July 1996 C.E.

Volume IV Issue #7 December 1996 C.E.

Volume IV Issue #8 March 1997 C.E.
(neither of the web gurus ever got a sofware copy to convert for the site)

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