Arisia 2001 Micro Pop Tart Cafe

Would have been impossible without this posse of Mad Lab Rabbits!

Back row: JB, Mneme, Zarf, Karl. Front row: Cthulhia, Meesh, Jason.

How Did I End Up With All These Pop Tarts?

It all started when I posted a somewhat impromptu game night for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This snowballed into a more than monthly Game Demo Night, as well as ending up on the programming for Arisia '01 and Vericon.

When the Looneys run their own game demos at SF/F Cons, they tend to call it "The Pop Tart Cafe." I have yet to attend one of these, so I pretty much punted with the whole pop tart thing. In other words, I don't really get the pop tart thing either. Deal.

But thanks to Jason, I did get some incriminating photos.

I have my first suspicions that I may have too many pop tarts

You know you want some, especially these lovely green Grinch-flavored pop tarts. (I think they were actually Wild Strawberry, not bad... for pop tarts.)

I donned bunny ears and labcoat to look like a Mad Lab Rabbit. The snake was willing to wear the rabbit nose for me. The Large Black Rectangle is a MONOLITH... sheesh... what year is it?

John brings his own toaster

Some of the pop tart boxes had a side that looked very much like a game board.

Diane and Karl attempt to create a game more complicated than tic-tac-toe.

The newest Looney game was Cosmic Coasters.

One of the more recent games is Chrononauts.

Dragons also figure in Chrononauts.

Cthulhia models the obvious excellent forgery

Pantopia appears to be similar to Zarcana, only with Aquarius cards.

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