Julia Of Dunblane

Home Groups: Frosted Hills, Coppertree, Axmoor
Joined The Society For Creative Anachronism: January A.S. XXI (?)
Why Dunblane: I chose the name "Dunblane" around 1988. I stayed with relatives there when I visited Scotland in 1984. Since the events of March 13, 1996, people have felt it proper to send me self-righteous email telling me I have no right to mention the Town's name on my website. I disagee. Dunblane mattered to me before it was the site of global tragedy. Can you say the same?
Arms: Argent, two chevronelles vert, surmounted by a ram's head cabossed gules, all within three lozenges vert.
Family: If she were my mother, she'd remember giving birth to me, which she didn't. However, she did seem to acknowledge me as another of her SCA Progeny. Therefore, my father is the late Caterina del Cavallo. Hence, her son Dan is my sister, her sister Mathilde my Uncle, etc.
Cavallo - The House of the Horse Online.
Classes I've Taught: "How To Produce A Kickin' Local Newsletter"
and "The Media Is Your Friend (Or Should Be)".
Incriminating Photo: of a Viscount, Knight, a Pelican, Silver Crescent, some Maunches, Sycamores and Keystones, hey, a couple East Kingdom Officers, including the seneschale, heh.

November 1997