Sweet Nothing

Happy Halloween

Postmarked October 31, 1996 From Amityville, NY

Photographer: Patrick "KH" Woodruff
Concept: Julia C. Tenney

Initially, there was talk of perhaps somehow creating the logo in lit pumpkins. Our first shoot, of the logo recreated in bones, was done with little advance preparation and inspiring enough that we chose to reshoot the bones, and leave the pumpkins as a last resort. We experimented with both B/W and color film, and multiple lighting schemes, but still had film.

The "N"s and "I"s had been saved from an ancient bag of HariboTM Gummy Candy letters. The results proved more pleasing than what we'd achieved thus far with the bones.

Eventually, we'll produce a better Bone photo. We'll definitely have more appropriate moments to send out a "goth" logo in bones.

Amityville, in case you're younger than I care to acknowledge, is a reference to "The Amityville Horror". Of the possibly appropriate domestic postmarks, this seemed the least obscure. A close second was Black Lick, PA.

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