Where To Donate leftovers after the Burn?

I am developing the on-site Food Donation Guidelines from the Senior Staff of Burning Man. I'd upload my article, but the electronic version has diverged much from the final, that I am waiting until the Gazette archives are up.

Food sites:

  • Food Bank of Northern Nevada
  • Second Harvest

    Post-2000 Burn notes: (comments encouraged)

  • Call Soup Kitchen and ask how the donations worked out this year.
  • See if Red Cross can pick up water on the Playa next year.
  • Get food bank/soup kitchen to bring their own truck to the Playa next year.
  • Get mentioned in the Survival Guide and Exodus Hand-out, as well as the Black Rock Gazette.
  • Contact DPW, as well as Commissary, about what was left & unusable after clean-up. How did the donated drinks rationing work out?
  • Establish personal family boxes for members of DPW who request them, make sure they provide a list of items they prefer.
  • Contact winter crew about what donations they liked best. Establish a list of items to be set into Winter Crew Box rather than to Food Bank.
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    September 2000