Volume IV Issue #6 July 1996 C.E.

For The Shire of Coppertree
in the Principality of AEthelmearc,
in the Kingdom of the East,
of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Pennsic camping tip #1: Don't let this happen to you!

As Insects Swarm, Viscountess Reveals Secret Identity of Latest AEthelmearc Heir

Lady Edana Haukyns displays her self-portrait as Albrecht Durer.

New AEthelmearc heir Rurik Longsword crowns his consort, Elspeth.

Baroness Sybil Cairnfalcon receives the Order of the Sagittarius.

by Caterina

As Mathilde, mistress of the pungent phrase, put it, "The bugs were the big winners at the Coppertree Challenge." Our northern New York climatic conditions resulted in a bounteous crop this year at "Camp Itchie-Owie." Although the celebrated Coldwood Inn event, a bit further to the north, was cancelled because of swarming pests, Autocrats Eleanor and Alric went ahead with our annual event at Camp Kingsley, as it would have been difficult to re-schedule the AEthelmearc Coronet Tourney. Besides, they were hoarding the autocratsı special stash of Deep Woods Off(TM).

The other big winners were, of course, the new heirs to AEthelmearc, Rurik Longsword and his consort, Elsbeth. The final bouts of the coronet tourney were fought between Rurik and his mundane boss, Guido, who will have to ask his prince to deliver pizzas this winter. In a startling revelation, Viscountess Isabeau disclosed to the Windfalls that Rurik was the "mostly nekkid guy" with whom she enjoyed dancing at last summer's War. In court, however, Rurik and Elsbeth were magnificently clad in burgundy, white and gold Renaissance outfits. They accompanied the current AEthelmearc royalty, Yngvar and Caryl, and Their Oriental Majesties, Bjorn and Morgen, who were dressed in stunning red and gold Byzantine garb. The royal lineup was probably the most impressive spectacle that the rustic dining hall, lined with Boy Scout plaques, had ever seen. The crowd was large as well, as almost everyone was inside escaping the bugs and watching the award ceremonies. After Rurik and Elsbeth had been invested as the new heirs, Their Sylvan Highnesses rewarded local figher Ahern with a Golden Alce. Ahern, who put up a good show in the tourney, only limped slightly as he walked into court. Michael of Northwood was saluted as a courteous fighter. The assembled Ladies of the Garnet, including Mistress Judith and Vicountesses Maurya, Isabeau, Eleanor, and Meirwen, honored Gaston for his fighting and Dirk of Orion's Gate for his chivalry, then gave Isenwulf the shield of chivalry.

Jean-Claude Dieulafoy and Michelle Duvergier, who were attending their last event as Coppertruvians before leaving us for An Tir and actual job prospects, were also selected for awards. Michelle received her Sycamore scroll and Jean-Claude his Keystone, for service to AEthelmearc. Other Keystone recipients included James Damian Blackmoor, Baron Saleem of Thescorre, and Cygnus the Blissful. Feodor was recognized for his hard work around the campsite "schlepping wood."

We also held an impromptu money-raiser for Jean-Claude and Michelle's trip to An Tir during the day, and received generous donation from many people. Iıd like to thank all the contributors. Note: if you havenıt heard, our fave Coppertruvian couple arrived safely in the land of rain and caffeine bistros.

As the Eastern Royal court began, King Bjorn revealed that the War would offer a more target-rich environment for Eastern fighters this summer: "Atlantia's wearing red tape." He and Queen Morgen then bestowed many kingdom awards ("But wait, there's more . . ."), starting with an award of arms for Fiona nic Shearlais for her service as deputy seneschal, archer, and scribe. Viscount Sir Haakon pledged fealty to the East, and Baroness Sibyl of Delftwood was welcomed into the order of the Sagittarius for her bowmanship. The king praised the Eastern scribes at length and awarded Dorinda Courtenay a Manche. Jasmine received her second AoA in three weeks to the strains of "Once, twice, three times a lady."

Arik Coer d'Luttrere was made a member of the Queen's Order of Courtesy and given a white glove to carry. Kadan became a member of the Order of Tygers Combatant, receiving a scroll in Mongolian and two lovely stuffed tygers locked in combat. At this point the overheated brain of Eric the herald failed, causing him to refer to Bjorn and Morgen as "Their Highnesses" several times, until he was threatened with "the spoon." This had a calming effect and he segued smoothly into the big events of the day. Corwin of Darkwater was made a Laurel for his talents as scribe and brewer, and Harold Ulfson became a Pelican for his years of service in the Northern Outpost. Both had been on vigil during the day. Many of us had visited Corwin's tent, seeking snacks and drinks, and I had left him a gift from the Cinco de Mayo party, a jar of cactus tidbits. Corwin was acclaimed by other peers present and inducted to the applause of the populace. Then, after Harold Ulfson handed back his squire's baldric to Duke Master Randall of the Dark, he was inducted into the order of the Pelican and received a unique scroll carved in "stone."

After court, the feast, concocted by Duchess Rowan, was served inn-style on trenchers, and the multitudes assembled appeared to enjoy themselves. Some of Rowan's recipes can be found on page 11.

Among the visitors who had traveled a distance to attend the Challenge were Morgan Silverlocke and Badger from Cleveland and Mord and Mairi from Philadelphia. They were rewarded with a colorful and chivalrous tourney, some really silly fencing in the woods, and all the bugs they could eat. Let's just score the event as a Challengers/Bugs tie and hope that the insects lose a lot of their players to free agency this winter.

Hey, give me some money.

Dan, the slick fundraiser.

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September 14-15 Honey Festival
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October 5

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October 12
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October 26
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Mathilde gave $5 for "a really swell insult at fight practice."

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